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    Homeroom Education offers a range of services all geared at helping our clients and network make a broader impact in their community, and around the globe, through education and equitable access to information.
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Bridge the gap between discovery and public communication.

Homeroom Education believes that the best way to create a bright tomorrow is to create the greatest amount of opportunities for the largest amount of people possible today. We know this can happen by better communication between researchers, academics, companies, government agencies, and the public that they serve. But often, communicating breakthroughs, new ideas, and vital information to the masses or individual communities can be difficult. That is why at Homeroom Education we work with community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and local schools to help our client find interactive methods of successfully communicating directly with the public. This approach allows new information to have a much broader impact then ever before.

Find out how Homeroom Education can help your organization make a broader impact today.

Services and Broader Impact Plans

Curriculum Development

Whether you have a new product or kit that has the potential to be the next big educational-innovation or you are trying ti find a way to make your groundbreaking research understood in non-academic circles Homeroom Education can design a customized experiential curriculum to help your big idea be more accessible to the public at large. From interactive instructions and project-based curriculum to videos and social media spotlights... and everything in between... our experts can help present your work to the public in a whole new light.

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Grant Writing and Joint Applications

Is your project or research lacking a broader impact? Do you need to find the right nonprofit to partner with? At Homeroom Education we assist our clients not only with grant writing and applications but with creating unique programs and partnerships to fulfill broader impact and public component requirements. Contact us today to begin collaborating so that your grant will stand out from the rest.
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Public Communication and Broader Impacts

Our expert staff have over a century of combined experience distilling highly academic and cerebral concepts into fun and easy to understand material. No matter who your target audience or how difficult a concept you are trying to make ready for public consumption Homeroom Education can design and execute a custom media plan or broader impact plan that meets your specific needs.
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Custom Plans

No research is to dense, no communication problem is too difficult; at Homeroom Education our expert staff work with our extensive Partner Network to create custom options to meet every clients need. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We even have specialized resources and experience with:

Social Media


Private Events

Video Production

Web Series

Graphic Design

Community Events

Public Access TV

Copy Writing

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We can't wait to start collaborating with you.

Homeroom Education offers a free 60 minute consultation to discuss your needs, concerns, and goals. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know more about you and determine if our orginization is a good fit for the collaboration you require.